Global Game Jam 2018 - Pass my Pants (aka Pants Mission)
This year's theme at the Global Game Jam 2018 was transmission. My team created a card game which mechanics are based on the 'transmission' of information between players in order to collaborate and, together, score as many points as possible. It is called Pass my Pants (aka Pants Mission)!

DEN Entrepreneurship Workshop 2017
The Digital Economy Network (DEN), in collaboration with Digital Catapult, organised a two-days entrepreneurship workshop and I had the chance to attend it. After a series of very complete and interesting lessons and presentations about entrepreneurship, we were divided into teams to come up with an idea to present. My team's idea, CycleRack, won the pitch competition.

Women Techmakers Summit 2017
I attended the Google's International Women's Day Summit organised by WomenTechmakers and, once again, I felt really inspired and lucky to belong to the amazing tech community.

Game AI Module Project - Portal 2D
As part of the Game AI Module I took in Goldsmiths University on February 2017 it was needed to design, implement and playtest an AI-based game. I opted to make a 2D game based in Valve's Portal series using the GVGAI Framework.

Global Game Jam 2017 - Her Resonance
Annual Global Game Jam took place on January 20th to 22nd and ended up with more than 7000 uploaded games, all based on this year's theme: Waves. As part of the IGGI programme, I went to York to participate. My team made 'Her Resonance', a poetry puzzle platformer.

Game Development Module Project - Hungry Penguins Game
As part of the Game Development Module I took in Goldsmiths University on November 2016 it was needed to develop a game in Unity. My team made a puzzle-platformer.

Hello IGGI!
I am really excited to finally say Hello IGGI as I am one of the new students in the University of Essex! It is a great opportunity and I can't wait to see what comes out of the next 4 years!

My first Hackathon
Last weekend I attended to my first Hackathon and it was such a great experience!

Hello world!

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Hello world!
My very first post